My name is Kirin Pax.

I try to be nice to everyone because everyone deserves a chance. Just a smile could make someones day. Unfortunately I'm kind of judgmental and paranoid so I tend to not get along with most people. However I love my friends and would literally do anything for them.
I am very generous with what I have in hopes that you will be generous when I am in need.
I tend to be open about everything in my life, I don't feel like there is a reason to keep secrets.

I just moved into a community house with some friends and eventually we will have a library, a basement venue, and a large garden; with chickens!

I am going to school to become a history teacher and I would love to rehab a building and make it nearly self sustaining and open it as an Eco-village: getting a 501(c)3 and promoting it for artist to practice, alternative school, and an inn for travelers.

Thing I enjoy include
being awkward
getting lost
losing track of time
getting arrested
annoying people
making weird faces
drinking beer
cutting hair
making hot chocolate at inappropriate times
playing with my septum so I look like I'm picking my nose
going to basement shows
talking about politics
smashing the state
fucking around on the drums

Lady Gaga
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Harry Potter
Foxy Shazam
Adventure Time
The Ergs
Regular Show
Dr. Who
Modest Mouse


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